Hybrids is the name of a project that gathers together works realized in collaboration with other artists, authentic crossbreedings of styles and artistic paths. Our aim is to bring on canvas or paper what is considered to be the pivotal point of graffiti and “getting up”, that is the collaboration between artists. An uncommon, not easy way to put oneself to the test. A road that leads to a personal and artistic growth.

Involved artists: 108, Andrrea, Aris, Etnik, Eon75, Fabio Petani, Fabrizio Visone, Francesco Barbieri, Giorgio Bartocci, Giulio Vesprini, Livio Ninni, Hide, Jeroo, Made514, MrFijodor, Proembrion, Rems182, Reser, Romi, Ruas, Vesod, Zoer, ZorkMade.